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The NGB Team

The Team and our Trustees

At No Going Back, our dedicated team is committed to making a positive impact through our work. With a combined total of 200 years of varied global experience, our team members have a diverse background in various organizations, including Bounce Back, PACT, Forward Trust, and Working Chance as well as The United Nations and Disney! This extensive knowledge and expertise are applied to every facet of our operations.

We are governed and directed by our valued Trustees who have experience of both the Livery Companies and the Justice Sector.

Introducing Our Experienced Team:

Paulette – Guiding the team Paulette brings a wealth of experience to the table as our Team Leader. With a proven track record, Paulette guides us towards achieving success and supporting individuals on their journey.

Emma Skills Development and Employment Lead Emma’s expertise shines. With a deep understanding of the sector, she plays a vital role with passion and unique generosity.

Chris – Delivering the vital jump Chris who runs our City and Guilds Kangaroo programme, is a true dynamo when it comes to assessing our candidates.  His dedication and passion drive our efforts forward.

Jo – Drumming Up Support Jo is the rhythmic force behind our volunteering, drumming up success and energy within those she works with both within the team and the volunteers.

Eric – Measuring Progress Eric is our measurement guru, ensuring that we track and analyse progress accurately. His meticulous approach helps us stay on the path to success.

Tim Steering the ship Tim’s expertise keeps the team organised. His legal experience, insights and contributions are invaluable.

Gail – Mastering Marketing Gail takes the lead in our marketing efforts, crafting strategies that spread our message far and wide.

Jo – Fueling Fundraising Jo is the driving force behind our fundraising endeavours, ensuring that our initiatives receive the support they need to thrive.

Fran (OBE) –  Executive Lead Fran Findlater, the visionary founder of Bounce Back, serves as our Executive Lead. Her experience in founding Bounce Back brings a unique perspective to No Going Back. Her drive to create something small and bespoke fuels our mission and sets the tone for our impactful work.

Together, our team members contribute their extensive expertise, knowledge, and passion to drive No Going Back’s mission forward. We are dedicated to supporting individuals, measuring our progress, and working collaboratively with our partners to achieve success in everything we do.

And our Trustees:

Johnny Robertson – Past Master and current Court member of the Mercers Livery Company, Johnny is also a past Governor and Chairman of St Paul’s School. He is a Current Governor of Holyport College and retired Partner of Ares Management (US Alternative investment, Private Equity firm).

Lady Tessa Brewer – Former Lady Mayoress of London, Master Musicians’ Company 2017-2018, Tessa is also a Former Trustee and Chairman of the Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund, Old Bailey.

Mr Justice Hilliard – Nicholas was called to the Bar in 1981 and became a QC in 2008. A Recorder of London from 2015-2019 and appointed as a High Court Judge in 2019 Nicholas is also a member of the Vintners Foundation.

Steve Turner – Steve has been a director with a number of large builders’ merchants and is a past master of the Builders’ Merchants Livery Company. A former Mayor of Stratford-upon-Avon, he has also served as chair of trustees or trustee of a number of charities.


Claritas Accountants Ltd. Working alongside Claritas and SEUK Finance and Accounts services, we are additionally supported by internal expertise.

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