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Our Ambassadors

NGB is proud to have a growing number of Alumni who help us develop our programme and support our events and other initiatives.

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Part of their role is as our NGB Peer Advisory Group which means they use their lived experience of the programme to offer insights that help us to come up with practical solutions or new co-created services that will add value and impact positively on the programme and helps to turn lives around.

It is a privilege to have them involved and their participation is hugely valued.  We ensure all our Ambassadors are rewarded for their time and commitment as their invaluable support means that we can continually evolve and grow.

The Livery also spend time with the NGB Ambassadors so the individuals on both sides understand as much as possible about each other’s work and the Ambassadors attend events and the Steering Group meetings to really get under the skin of the work we do.

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