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Our bespoke programme that prepares people who might need a helping hand taking the leap onto No Going Back

Over the last 2 years finding new ways to engage and assess individuals has been essential to overcoming the anxiety and lack of contact prisoners experienced during covid lockdown.

The partnership with City and Guilds has greatly enhanced NGB.  Kangaroo is a tool that not only prisoners but prisons and those in the community are very enthusiastic about.  It has enabled us to run lively sessions to identify whether individuals are ready to join NGB, or would be better referred to other organisations.

Once people have participated in the first session they are offered an opportunity to take advantage of additional holistic and wellbeing activities and can choose their preferred subject.  As part of our NGB focus on collaboration, we are partnered with a number of organisations to deliver these including Food Behind Bars for cooking on a budget, Goldsmiths University and one of our own Ambassadors training in digital awareness.

The prisons are also keen to support these sessions and feedback from all participants and prison staff has been very positive.  Bean Research are evaluating the success of this in addition to the overall NGB project.

For each successfully completed learning outcome, participants receive a City & Guilds Digital Badge which is recognised by employers and further education providers.

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