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Sustainability and Wellbeing

We understand that health, wellbeing, and sustainability are interconnected and adopt a holistic approach that takes this into account whilst also contributing positively to the sustainability of our communities and the environment. In response we have created a number of relevant modules.

Health and Wellbeing 

Our programmes and initiatives are designed to support the physical, mental, and emotional health of our candidates.  We strive to empower individuals to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives and have developed solutions to various challenges including neurodiversity diagnosis and assessment.

Kangaroo;   A tool created in order to find ways to assess people and see where they are on their journey in terms of  employment and also to explore transferable skills and overcoming loneliness.  Being partnered and supported by City and Guilds we were able to create a digitally badged 3 hour session.  This also gives access to a number of holistic modules and courses that they can choose from that have been developed with our partners as follows:

Nutrition: Food Behind Bars are enabling the participants to join sessions (in and out of prison) on cooking and home economy and advising on health, wellness and nutrition including “You are what you eat”.

Mindfulness and Psychotherapy: Habits work with us inside and out delivering courses including Procrastination, Anger Management and Breaking Bad Habits.

Money Management: particularly at a time when individuals are battling with the current economic challenges, this has been requested frequently and we are using a course developed by the FCA specifically to respond to the need.

Self Employment:  Before referring people on to more detailed courses we run an introduction to self-employment which is invaluable to a number of the individuals who have left prison.

The overall purpose is to work with people to support their progression into whatever the next stage of their lives might be, and if it is not skills training and employment, then to make sure they are referred to other partner organisations in the sector that can help.

Our Sustainability Objectives

In addition to our commitment to health and wellbeing, we recognize the importance of sustainability in creating long-lasting positive change. We are dedicated to implementing environmentally conscious practices and supporting initiatives that reduce waste and carbon emissions.  We are doing this in 3 ways:

1 Preparing prison leavers for employment in the growing green economy

Preparing prison leavers for a safe, fulfilling and purposeful life is NGB’s overarching mission and many have expressed an interest in learning more about careers which help to increase sustainability, decrease negative environmental impacts, maintain and grow biodiversity, protect the natural environment, and drive the energy transition (green jobs).

Increasingly, sustainability considerations impact individual and organisational decision making. Consequently, this section of the employment market, across all sectors, is growing and we intend to build a workstream which prepares prison leavers for this growing green economy.

2 Reducing NGB’s carbon footprint, while reducing expenditure over time

NGB is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and environmental impact as quickly as is economically feasible. We aim to reduce our ongoing expenditure over time by reducing waste, increasing energy efficiency and switching to more renewable (and where possible affordable) energy providers – meaning that a greater proportion of donations and earnings from NGB CLEAN can support prison leavers. We believe this is not only the responsible course of action, but will also support, inform and add credibility to our work with prison leavers and NGB CLEAN.

3 Differentiating NGB CLEAN by offering the most sustainable cleaning and facilities management service possible

NGB CLEAN is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and environmental impact as quickly as is economically feasible and offer customers a premium, high quality, low carbon and environmentally friendly cleaning service.

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