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We believe that by working with employers and corporate partners we not only deliver change but a virtuous circle of social impact.

Corporate engagement with charities can be mutually beneficial for several reasons. Such partnerships offer corporates a range of benefits including improved CSR, community impact, enhanced employee engagement, skill development, networking opportunities, tax benefits, innovation, positive media coverage, long-term sustainability, and a sense of fulfillment. Through these partnerships, businesses can create a positive impact on society whilst achieving their own strategic objectives.

We believe that by working with employers and corporate partners we deliver a virtuous circle of social impact.  Building relationships has always been key, and we have several examples where almost every element of the circle has been delivered by both sides.

No Going Back (NGB) is unique in that it has been a proven success, both at engaging Livery Companies of the City of London to work together (currently 40) but also in the work it has done, which over the last 3 years has developed into a recognised and respected project.  A part of its success has been the extensive volunteering work that has been run so corporates can engage with the programme.  Each year NGB is evaluated independently and after year 2 it demonstrated that for every £1 spent, an impressive £12.64 of social value is generated through economic benefits, avoided public spending, and health and wellbeing gains for those involved. This is in addition to the wider ‘ripple effects’ of the programme.

If you would like your organisation to get involved please contact
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