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In June 2020 No Going Back was formed as a groundbreaking Livery Companies collaboration to reduce re-offending.  A rehabilitation programme, NGB supports people through their journey in prison, preparing them for release and for the wide range of job opportunities the programme has on offer.

4 years on, the programme has had 40 participating Livery Companies, over 160 volunteers and nearly 2000 participants that have in some way benefited along their rehabilitation journey.

Our Vision is to change perception and rebuild lives through the opportunities we create.


The programme can be accessed in a number of London prisons, as well as those around the country releasing into Greater London, and in the Community.

People who are within 3-6 months of their release date, that meet the criteria, are able to join the programme and a dedicated NGB engagement manager will work directly with them during their remaining time in prison and beyond. This gives them access to a bespoke package of support with training and upskilling opportunities, employability and work readiness workshops and other soft skills to ensure they are fully prepared on release for the specific job roles an employer has on offer.

Participants skills are matched to the job roles on offer and additional training is available where necessary. The aim is to ensure people are as prepared as possible on release for the specific job roles an employer has available.

Jobs opportunities on the programme are from a wide variety of sectors and includes the built environment, HGV/driving, cleaning, hospitality, sales, admin, engineering and more.

Individuals are fully supported throughout their journey in preparation for, and into, work with help with CV’s and interview practice.  We stay with people for as long as is needed, whilst also supporting the employers to ensure the process works for both sides.

No Going Back offers support and advocacy with housing for those that need it in order to be able to accept their job offers.

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Recognizing that No Going Back may be an overwhelming prospect for individuals who are not yet ready, we partnered with City and Guilds to develop Kangaroo – our unique assessment tool designed to provide individuals with an opportunity to reflect on their aspirations and provide the necessary support to help them forward on their journey towards further education, skills development, and employment, providing assistance with interviews and job attainment.

Kangaroo offers modules on softer skills and wellness, covering areas such as health, nutrition, and money management. Some modules are delivered by partner organizations, including Food Behind Bars and Goldsmiths University, among others. It has enabled us to run sessions to identify whether individuals are ready to join NGB, or would be better referred to other organisations.

Kangaroo is generously funded by the City & Guilds Foundation, which has prioritized supporting the rehabilitation of individuals who have experienced the prison system.

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For each successfully completed learning outcome, participants receive a City & Guilds Digital Badge which is recognised by employers and further education providers.

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