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After 3 successful years No Going Back is now a Charity and Social Enterprise. 

In June 2020 the Livery Companies began a groundbreaking collaboration to reduce re-offending.

3 years on, with 40 participating Livery Companies and over 150 volunteers supporting NGB, plus over 1,500 participants that have in some way benefited along the rehabilitation journey, the time came for it to be independent with its respected track record.

In July 2023 NGB ended its incubation within the prison charity Bounce Back to stand alone with its valued caseworkers and volunteer manager as well as the outstanding Ambassadors who will all be helping to support people from prison into employment.

We continue to work together and with all of the other organisations, corporates and employers as we reach new heights.

The programme has evolved as it has progressed and it now includes KANGAROO, a holistic assessment tool in partnership with City & Guilds which offers additional partner modules to prepare candidates for taking the leap on to the programme. Ultimately No Going Back aims to reduce re-offending and save some of the £18bn its costs the taxpayer.

Kangaroo Backpack graphic with highlighted phrases "health and fitness", "network of support", mental wellbeing", "nutritional guidance", "world of work", and "digital awareness and skills for life".

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