How to get involved

As a Volunteer

Giving your time to work with people on their journey from prison into employment is so important to them and rewarding for you. The Livery Companies have demonstrated their enthusiasm for volunteering and the programme is continually expanding. 

There are numerous opportunities for volunteers to get involved. These include mentoring, CV writing, training and beyond. If you have a skill or passion that you think would help someone, we can match individual skills and the time you can give with the need.

There are no formal requirements needed to volunteer and training will be offered, if required.

NGB Volunteering aims to ensure that both parties gain maximum value and social impact from the relationship.  The work we do is extremely beneficial to participants both in custody or the community, preparing them for employment. It gives an opportunity for volunteers to offer much needed advice and guidance, meet truly remarkable people, and to hopefully change some of the perceptions they may or may not have about people with convictions.

Changing perception is fundamental to what we do and we do it by:

  1. Ensuring volunteers feel supported and that their volunteering is fulfilling and resonates with what matters to them.
  2. Ensuring that all volunteers are given the information, resources and support they need.
  3. Ensuring our participants are matched with volunteers who meet their needs.

Volunteering Opportunities

Whether in prison or the community we offer opportunities for volunteers to help us support our participants through 1-2-1 sessions/workshops, delivered by our dedicated team in the following areas:

  • CV, cover letter and application forms – An opportunity for participants to learn about what employers look for in CVs and how to put together a CV that demonstrates their skills and experience in the best light. Also explore cover letters and application forms.
  • Identifying and searching for jobs – Exploring job satisfaction and building aspirations, matching the participant’s interests, skills and experience, to relevant industries and job roles.  Also, looking at practical skills and approaches for seeking work.
  • Interview skills & techniques  – Exploring effective impressions and boundaries at interview, questions and interview styles and provides the skills and confidence that participants need to be prepared for a successful job interview.
  • Wellbeing & Nutrition – Workshops delivered in a kitchen-based setting, seeking healthier alternatives on a budget, learning how to cook, understanding how our brain reacts to poor quality food etc.
  • Communication in the workplace – Exploring workplace relationships and effective communication. Helping participants learn how to navigate a new job and respond with professionalism to workplace challenges and conflict.
  • Personal Development & goal setting – The starting point for any successful life change, is hope for the future. Helping participants to focus on their beliefs about themselves and becoming employed and helping them to identify strengths and confidence. Exploring transferable skills including organisation and time management, problem solving, and initiative.  Providing basic tips and supporting participants to devise a self-development plan.
  • Digital Skills – Sessions to equip participants with an understanding and knowledge of the digital skills needed to search and apply for employment. They also include creating and managing their social media presence on LinkedIn etc.

Prison Visits
The best way to change perception and demonstrate the wealth of talent in prisons is to understand their journey from prison.  We regularly facilitate visits for small groups of employers to come and meet our prison-based teams, see our training centres in action and have an opportunity to speak with our participants directly. We welcome volunteers to attend and see this side of our work in action.

Lunch & Learn Sessions and Hosting Workplace Visits
Inviting participants to your place of work or using our training space, showing what you do and how you got to where you are now will provide valuable insight into the world of work and equally it creates an opportunity for volunteers to learn from our participants.  Lunch & Learn sessions can be delivered over 1 – 2 hours and include a light lunch.

Pro-Bono Support
Why not share your expertise? Within the Livery Companies there are undoubtedly a lot of unique skills that the NGB Team could benefit from. Whether your expertise lies in strategy, sales, marketing, technology, customer service, or somewhere else entirely – why not offer to support our team in an area they need help with? This can be a great opportunity for you and your colleagues to share their knowledge, and help our team develop key business skills.  E,g,

  • Work with us to help us to tell our story and promote our cause
  • Help us to leverage social media and digital advertising channels to increase our brand awareness or deliver a targeted fundraising campaign.

Other ways to help us…

  • Help with venues for hosting some of our workshops & training events
  • Donation of notebooks, dictionaries, toiletries etc. for our participants



Q – Do I have an induction?

A – Yes, to ensure that volunteers (You) can carry out their volunteering roles as effectively as possible. The process takes less than 5 minutes, it is an opportunity to ask any questions and to find out what opportunity might be available to you.

Q – What is the time commitment involved with volunteering?

A – You can opt to volunteer for 1 – 4 hours on a workshop or a one-off opportunity. Or you could be involved in a regular placement with a participant for 1-2-1 coaching. We can discuss our opportunities to find something that interests you and fits in with your existing commitments.

Q – Do you require only people with experience for volunteering?

A – We have an informal chat with anyone looking to volunteer so that we can make sure we provide you with the right support and any training if needed, as well as place you in a volunteering opportunity that suits you. It isn’t necessary to have experience, just an interest and a commitment to volunteering.

Q – Do I need to be DBS checked?

A – No, not necessarily.  All of our staff who work with participants are DBS checked and will be there to support volunteers in all of our workshops.   Some volunteering opportunities will take place online.  Only in very rare circumstances will a volunteer be in a face-to-face situation alone with a participant and then this will be risk assessed by our Engagement Managers.

Q – Can I volunteer for more than one opportunity?

A – Yes. We’ve designed our volunteering opportunities on a rolling basis and there is no limit on the number of opportunities you can sign up for.


To find out more about how you can support No Going Back by volunteering or to discuss any offers of support, please contact Jo Keane