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How to get involved

As a Livery Company

There are many opportunities for Livery Companies to be involved and benefit from this rewarding programme

Join us as one of the participating Livery Companies – consider funding, volunteering to experience the difference you can make or simply refer organisations in your network to be in touch so we can provide them with a workforce from the participants we are working with from prison.


Within the Livery Companies there are employer networks and it is here that they can have the most impact on No Going Back. Individual Livery members with employer connections who work across a number of sectors including construction, logistics, cleaning, hospitality and many others will be key in introducing employers to the programme.  Participants will be offered training to ensure that they have the appropriate skills and personal qualities to be successful employees. Our aim is for this to be mutually beneficial for both employers looking for committed workers and people with a criminal conviction looking for a job in order to turn their lives around.

NGB is being developed with the input of the Steering Group and independent advisors to adapt to the learnings of the previous iterations and continue the innovative approach for the future and a legacy for the Livery.

If you or your company is interested in getting involved and would like to be a part of the initiative or alternatively volunteer or offer jobs within your network of contacts contact Johnny Robertson at  or Francesca Findlater at

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